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Summer Chef, Adventures in Baking - River Arts, Morrisville

Ages 9-14 | $165.00

Love to bake? Why not take your baking skills to the next level and create beautiful treats your family and friends will love? Day One: Cupcakes! Together, we’ll make carrot cake cupcakes and decorate them using a pastry bag + our own candied flowers. Day Two: Pie day! Each camper will make their own pie crust and use it to form an apple empanada + one fresh berry tart + a cinnamon roll. Day Three: Egg whites! Using whipped egg whites, we’ll make 3 classic treats: French macarons + Coconut macaroons + Meringue sculptures. Day Four: Crème Anglais! One recipe= 2 different desserts: Frozen custard (ice cream) + Crème brûlée. Day Five: Kids’ Choice! Our last day together will be spent working on a recipe of campers’ choice.

Contact Kelly at River Arts for more info.
802.888.1261 |